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General Requirements to register Vendors or Contractors with the Company
• Legal Persons must be registered with The Chamber of Commerce of Colombia.
• Authorized to perform business in Colombia.
• Interested companies should be registered as vendors, and must fill out the following documentation:
- A New Vendors Form must be completed. New Vendors Form  
- An Irrevocable Statement of Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Purchasing or Services, signed by the Legal Representative of the company. Irrevocable Statement Purchasing   Irrevocable Statement Services
- Updated “Certificate of Incorporation and Legal Representation”, issued by the Chamber of Commerce for Legal Companies. 
- Legible copy of ID for natural persons. 
- Updated copy of RUT (Tax Registration ID). 
- Two business references, with no more than 6 months of expedition. 
- Letter signed by the legal representative which certifies that "has received, read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions set out in   Comprehensive Manual for Control and Monitoring of Contractors
Please return completed forms and required documentation via email to:
Or you may return completed forms via Certified Mail to:
Puerto Drummond
Departamento de Compras (Coordinación de Proveedores)
Km. 10 Vía Ciénaga – Santa Marta
Once all necessary documentation has been received, the Materials Department will decide whether to proceed with Vendor Registration.
The receipt of documentation submitted for the consideration of the application does not imply acceptance or obligate Drummond Ltd. or its affiliates in any way.

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